The village of Chotoviny is situated 7 km north of Tábor. The oldest written mention dates from 1266. However, based on a note in the parish chronicle, Chotoviny was already settled by 1000 when the local Roman-Catholic church was built. 

This fact is documented by archaeological finds comprising human bones and bronze earrings. Chotoviny, the local farm and later on also the stronghold, were owned by several noblemen (Jan Lucemburský, the RoÅūmberks, Vratislav of Mirotice) the most significant of whom was Cardinal Kašpar Migazzi who had the old stronghold rebuilt in 1770-80 into a three-wing Baroque castle with a polygonal tower. Chotoviny is dominated by the original Gothic church of Peter and Paul from 1380, in the vicinity of which there is a spring whose water allegedly has a healing effect. From 1890 the demesne was owned by Baron Jan Nádherný who established the 22.5 hectare castle park. The dominant feature of the region is the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul on the hill above the village. It was founded around 1380 and it was reconstructed many times. Its present Baroque appearance originates from the end of the 18th century. The Napoleonic tomb, which was built in 1815 in the style of the Doric church, adjoins with the sacristy. The chapel stands in the surroundings, near the spring of healing water located on the grounds of Zamek Chotoviny, not far from the church. There are nice views of the region from the church.

Zamek Chotoviny

The Baroque chateau stands in the village of Chotoviny. The three-winged building with the polygonal tower was built between 1770 - 1780. The frontage of the chateau has the Pseudo-Renaissance appearance from the reconstruction in the 1870's. Hundreds of years old oak trees can be found in the park around the chateau.