Welcome to Zamek Chotoviny


Our Expectations are to Exceed Yours!


Zamek Chotoviny offers a beautiful site located in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic (75 km. south of the capital Prague).  Surrounded by beautiful Czech landscape in the quiet town of Chotoviny the picturesque setting of the Nadherny zamek rests on 100 privately fenced acres complete with a French garden, an English park with historic trees, fountains, ponds, a clock tower and much more.


Our goal is to preserve a heritage and a family history while offering a world class versatile event venue. The elegant beauty and spacious site is suitable for most any event imaginable. The castle has the capacity to host weddings, conferences, conventions, seminars, trade shows, exhibits, and limited private accommodations are also available. The castle and its world renowned staff are committed to providing our exclusive guests an experience that is truly unforgettable and enchanting!